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US Military to modify the Hummer H1 for superior utility

Posted on Mar 28, 2008 08:09:55 AM |

mad max 1
I really can’t believe that this is still news and what’s more astonishing to understand is why the army would be using a car like the H1, when the makers themselves are contemplating shutting down the Hummer series. Now, they want to modify the H1 to make it more efficient and maybe even more attractive! That’s something that they should have done long, long time ago. I don’t comprehend why the guys in green took such a long time to get something like this done.

The Hummer series has been deemed as a unprofitable venture in the last couple of years and I have already heard that they are planning to halt its production by 2011. The army though wants to modify the H1 to get a vehicle that is fuel efficient and tough. I wonder why the army can’t build a better automobile from scratch with all the funds that are allocated to military research. I suppose they spent so much on aviation that they forgot about researching on land automobiles.
mad max 2

Now the army wishes to alter the H1 in to something they call Mad Max. (I thought the Hummer H1 itself was a bit of Mad Max). The brand new car will be enhanced in the technology that comes with it and also the efficiency. One hopes it is a lot superior than the H1. If it is not, then it will be a monumental waste of both time and money.

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