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Street Fighter: Yamaha RXKing Concept Bike

Posted on Sep 13, 2008 06:07:23 PM |


The Beast:

This new cool concept design seems to be way different from what traditional concept bikes are. Most CG designers like to put in a complicated design with plenty of texturing and flowing curves on the body. The styling on the Yamaha RXKing seems to be a lot more simple and with straight lines and square body taking prominence. Designed by Eric Rinanda Adriyanto of Indonesia, it is a refreshing new approach to a ‘street fighter’.

The Machine:

This is a 135cc 2-stroke bike that has nothing to do with the eco-friendly cars of today. It is all about designing style and the feel of the large bad bikes of the old. The engine and the capacity are pretty standard though and there is nothing to much to rave about that. The front looks kind of strange and the aerodynamics are not too strong either.

The Thrill:

The bike looks very different from the mob that is on the road today. That seems to be the strength of the RXKing. The 135cc engine isn’t too popular with biking enthusiasts and so it might have to go for an engine revamp very soon.

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