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Broom Bike: Harry Potter takes to the street!

Posted on Sep 8, 2008 11:15:07 AM |


The Beast:

This is a very one-of-a-kind piece of car art that would have many children jumping up and down across the world. Knowing the way in which ‘Harry Potter Mania’ is spread all over the planet, it would be a synch if someone could market this bike and sell it as a collector’s item, rather than an actual bike. The bicycle looks utterly cool and fits to the theme of ‘Brooms and Witches’ with perfection.

The Machine:

The design of the bike seems simple on the face of it but a closer look reveals a very interesting technique of commuting. The broom that has been fitted as the bar of the bike is obviously movable and its movement would control the direction of the bike. It is more like roving a boat in the stream using a rudder than riding a bike. We still hope there’s a brake on this somewhere or the fun ride could turn in to a suicide very swiftly.


The Thrill:

Here is a bike whose thrill is pretty apparent. You must really have some nerve and lots of skill, to test drive this one in considerable traffic. The ride would be unique but by no means simple. At the end of the day, this might turn out as difficult as controlling an actual magic broom for the first time- Unless you are as gifted as ‘Harry’!

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