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Nissan sees an electric, robotic future for cars with the updated EPORO robot

Posted on Oct 1, 2009 07:47:31 AM |

eporo robot car

Nissan has a thing for putting robots in vehicles, and they’ve just unveiled the updated EPORO robot automobile concept, which will make an official debut at CEATEC. The robot vehicle uses fish-inspired technology, and likes to travel in groups, like a school of fish. Fish have eyes on the sides of their head, allowing them to travel efficiently in groups, the Eporo, has a 288 degrees field of view using two laser range finder.

The greater field of view grants robots to efficiently avoid collisions and communicate with each other to share surrounding information. This information is used to adjust the formation and travel mode of the automobiles, to best suit the road conditions. The technology might eventually make its way to cars and provide quicker, automatic and more efficient collision avoidance systems. Nissan will demonstrate six Eporo robots at CEATEC, moving as a school and avoiding collisions.

eporo robot car

eporo robot car

eporo robot car

Via: Nissan/ PlasticPals

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