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The world’s fastest street car put up for sale

Posted on Jan 30, 2008 11:13:50 PM |

worlds fastest street car for sale

The first thing that struck me about the automobile in the above picture was its sleek, stylish appearance. But, there is more about the vehicle than what meets the eye.

This is the picture of the 580CI 1500HP 1967 Camaro- the winner of the annual shoot out for the fastest car in America for the year 2007, organized by the Hot Rod magazine. This vehicle can really set the street on fire, covering the quarter mile in about 7 seconds (7.64 seconds, to be exact). A great news for all the automobile-lovers out there — this super fast street machine is currently on sale!

An interesting feature of these annual shoot outs arranged by Hot Rod magazine is that, there are no trailer queens, and the vehicles have to drive from track to track. This automobile managed to cover more than 1000 miles between the tracks, and chalked up really impressive timings every time it ran. Backed by the power of 1500 horses at the rear wheels, this vehicle has very little unnecessary or fancy accessories. The automobile looks sober and business-like, and is about as swift as it can probably get. Indeed, all those with a penchant for top-quality automobiles and a passion for speed are sure to fall in love with this speed demon!

[Sources:HorsePowerSports, eBay]

[Source : Auto Motto]

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