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Honda Skydeck concept is a show-off

Posted on Oct 1, 2009 08:16:23 AM |

honda skydeck concept

Honda is bringing its Skydeck concept for a debut at Tokyo, and while there is tiny to say about it in way of powertrain or performance, the concept is a total show off. Front doors on the Skydeck are scissors, the rear doors are sliders, and when both of them are open, we get a good view of the minimalistic-looking beauty of the interiors.

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Nissan sees an electric, robotic future for cars with the updated EPORO robot

Posted on Oct 1, 2009 07:47:31 AM |

eporo robot car

Nissan has a thing for putting robots in vehicles, and they’ve just unveiled the updated EPORO robot automobile concept, which will make an official debut at CEATEC. The robot vehicle uses fish-inspired technology, and likes to travel in groups, like a school of fish. Fish have eyes on the sides of their head, allowing them to travel efficiently in groups, the Eporo, has a 288 degrees field of view using two laser range finder.

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Bicycles become SeeSaw in the SeeBikeSaw alternate life

Posted on Oct 1, 2009 06:57:48 AM |

seebikesaw 05

If a bicycle and a SeeSaw came together to raise a family, this is probably what their children will look like. Either that, or it is the case of a SeeSaw (or a bicycle) with Split Personality disorder. Designer Ben Wilson and Brooks England have come together to create this thematic sculpture for the 100% Design London exhibition, a see-saw built with a thick bike frame, a sprung saddle and a leather bar tape. The sculpture looks like a harmonious mix of the bicycle and the SeeSaw, and we’d be happy to spend some (or a lot) of our time on a SeeSaw like this one.

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Pakistan’s longest motorcycle seats eight, probably runs

Posted on Oct 1, 2009 06:34:01 AM |

pakistans longest motorcycle

Pakistan’s longest motorcycle is long enough to seat eight people on its extended chassis, and probably runs a few miles. The Owais Mughal motorcycle has its home in Lahore, and is used for collecting funds and charity for the IDPs (Internally Displaced People) of Pakistan. The long motorcycle probably has a long list of admirers who would flock to it and help its cause, though we guess it uses a lot of money to get its fuel and maintenance fixes.

Via: Pakistaniat

[Source : Auto Motto]

Batman will find it tough to resist this DIY Batmobile replica

Posted on Oct 1, 2009 05:54:49 AM |

replica batmobile_1 thumb 550x413 24994

We’ve seen a whole lot of Batmobile replicas, but the thing only gets superior with time, and till replicas like this are being made, we say keep ’em coming. This Batmobile is all hard work, its creator spent 20,000 hours modifying a 1973 Lincoln Continental to bring to the shape and form of the Batmobile. But that’s only the tip of the iceberg; the car is loaded with gadgets and weaponry, Batman style. It has machine guns, video cameras, height adjustable bodywork, Voice recognition, DVD Player, and a plasma television, so you know, Batman can get some fun while dispensing vigilante justice.

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